Why is SVAT your tool for video review and performance analysis?

Supporting you in your video analysis by a set of professional features and an extraordinary intuitive user interface, svat has been developed, tested and optimized together with a team of specialists, coaches, sports experts and scouts from various sports such as soccer, handball, basketball, water polo or ice hockey.

Powerful Clean Design

The clean and ergonomic design leads to an intuitive as well as user friendly software usability. Despite the extensive features the graphical user interface includes a minimum number of essential controls.

Best Performance

This video performance analysis software is a real easy-to-use desktop solution and is running on all platforms. Regardless of whether you are using windows or macOS or you are having an internet connection or not or you are working alone or together with your team: you can always rely on svat!

Highly Qualified Analysis

Of course SVAT provides all features which are essential and mandatory for a professional and video analysis. Moreover, SVAT minimizes your analysis effort by smart and best-practice validated functionality and usability.


A fair price structure without any price increases, combined with a personal customer support and a continuous deployment of new software updates, makes it possible to use the video performance analysis software not only in professional sport, but also in amateur clubs and junior teams.

Multi-Platform: Available for and .

Worflow based video performance analysis

The range of functions, user interfaces and operating concept of the svat video analysis software are optimized so that you can guarantee an efficient video analysis workflow in three steps. For each step of the workflow, svat offers you a specially designed intuitive interface:

Tagging Features

Decisively for an efficient TAGGING is the quick navigation through the video. The video player, which has been developed especially for the game performance analysis in sport provides helpful features as the immediate jump into any part of the video by a defined time step or the video replay by different playback rates – from single-frame slow motion to up to 8-times the speed. In addition, the entire control of the video player and the navigation inside the video can just be carried out via key combinations. So you can quickly navigate to the interesting and relevant scenes and save precious time while tagging.
The tagging of the scenes that interest you is done in svat intuitively, while you determine either the starting time and the end time of a tag by keystroke or by mouse click during video playback, or by determine both time limits by one single keystroke. Tag and categorize all relevant game situations: Afterwards, a number of main and subcategories of the individually configurable category system can be assigned to a selected scene. For the tagging of a scene, its starting time and end time can be set separately, as well as together by a single keystroke.
Decisively for a comprehensive analysis of your tags is their categorisation. For this purpose svat provides an unique, scientifically sound and optimised two-stage category system. You can set up your category system individually with any number of main-categories and sub-categories according to the performance properties of your video analysis. Of course you can export your category system for your trainer team and club.

Analyze Features

As the only video performance analysis software svat provides a comprehensive integrated and intuitive graphical user interface for analysing your tags. The UI’s key elements for analysing are the stand alone video player, the filter mask and the clear result panel. Regardless of whether you want to sort all your highlighted tags in chronological order or by certain customized attributed: svat provides you appropriate, intuitive and above all time-saving features for your analysis.
The basis for the performance analysis of your game are all the scenes marked by you during tagging and their categorization. You can now resort to the categorization to carry out your performance analysis. You can use the filter mask to select all scenes according to a specific category, such as "Goal", or also by combinations of categories, e.g. "" Switchover "+" counterattack"+" Goal ". Of course, you can examine the filtered tags immediately in the video player or analyse them by using the table view. Thus you can sort the filtered tag chronologically or by categories with one single button-click and of course you can set up an individual order for the analysis video.
If you like to create individual videos for all of your players or the players of the next opponent, svat can carry out the filtering, labelling and compilation of the individual videos for you full automatically. You must do nothing else than to select the team to be evaluated and the categories to be filtered, all remaining steps takes over by svat for you. Besides, the automatically compiled video cuts of each player can be automatically completed not only with slow motions and reruns, but also with overlays of the player information. With one single button-click, svat finally creates a separate video file for each player of the analyzed team.
If you are in a hurry or if you would like to add only few tags into a special video file, the you can simply use the Quick Video Export. For this purpose, you can export in the analysis view your topically filtered analysis and assortment of tags by one single button-click at any time.
If your analysis goes far beyond the analysis of quality performance features using video scenes and you want also take into account quantitative features, svat offers you the ideal support. In the analysis view, you can export your entire tags, including their categorization, or just your current filtering and compilation into an XLS file. This file can then be opened and edited immediately with Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice. In this way, you can e.g. apply a statistical analysis of your tags and categorization which were carry out inside svat.
Would like you to carry out a comprehensive video performance analysis over several games? No problem, svat provides you with the ideal support. You can intuitively analyse all games for which tags have already been created and which have to be analyzed together in a new project. Of course all features for analysis in svat are also available to you for the multi-video analysis.

Video Composition Features

As for Tagging and analysis svat also offers an especially designed user interface for the video edit. The video edit includes the video compilation, the corresponding video effect and menu editing and the final video export. The main focus of the video compilation workflow step inside the svat software is to create high-quality performance analysis videos with few essential and clear options and a minimum number of clicks. These include e.g. the integration of drawings and texts into your video, the automated fading of important information of each tag or the creation of a professional presentation of the cover pictures with your club logo.
You can enhance your tags by including as many graphical elements as you want. Labels, lines, arrows, shapes and freehand drawings in various colours help you to visualize the relevant aspects of a tag. The sketch mode can be enabled by a single button-click for any tag anywhere at any time. So you can easily sketch outline e.g. run ways of your players, free spaces and moves. All drawings created by you are integrated by svat automatically into the new video export of your tags.
Scientific studies have shown that the information gathered during the presentation of video analysis can be significantly increased if additional information is presented to the viewer. This information can be integrated into your video edit automatically by svat. You only decide which information should be displayed automatically for all tags. These include e.g. your individual annotations to a selected tag, its associated categories, its video timestamp, a progressive numbering, and the section title and subtitle of your video compilation.
For the video edit svat offers many options, with which you can create a professional analysis video in few steps. You can divide your analysis video into arbitrarily many chapters with titles and subtitles which are faded into your video. You can even automatically display reruns and/or slow motions of each tag for each chapter. For all titles, the video analysis software provides the opportunity to provide an individual background, e.g. with your club logo. Between the scenes, you can automatically create an individual graphic, such as your club logo, or a message to apply the Blended Learning method.

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